#4F IS Building 3-6-3 Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo-to Japan


BAR LIVET is also derived from the name of the owner's Shizuya, The Kanji of Shizuya is a Gaelic word meaning GLENLIVET and it is also derived from THE GLENLIVET of Scotch whisky.

We will do maximum hospitality so that everyone who came to the store will be satisfied back home.
We are waiting for the first time customers.

Owner / Barman

Owner / Barman

Kazunori Shizuya

CEO of Royal Mile Co., Ltd and Owner Bartender of BAR LIVET

THE GLENLIVET Best ambassador and Director of, Whisky Lecturer, 1st place nationwide in whiskey tests 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade,Winner of the second consecutive year at Japanese blind tasting competition, Taster of magazine called Whisky Galore, JSA Wine Expert, Chocolat advisor.

We propose whisky pleasures and possibilities. Please come to BAR LIVET to have a glass of destiny.



Shougo Tsunekawa

Quolification:Whisky Proffesional

Message:I will help you to make the time spent in the bar and the various ways of enjoying whisky.



Yuto Ogura

Quolification:Sommelier Venenciador Chocolate Specialist

Message: We will offer cocktails and sherry including whisky according to your wishes. Please do not hesitate to tell from the person who is drinking to the first one.